We are a group of Christian Volunteers, who give up their time to go on Royal Family Kids Camp each year. Royal Family Kids Camp is entering its ninth year in South Africa and has been and will continue to be a great success.  For some of us it involves two trainings, lots of prayer and a week of camp.  For others there are weeks and months of fundraising and preparation that go into making these camps a success.

People from throughout our community come on board in all sorts of ways, so it is a real community effort.  This community reaches out and affects the community. All volunteers for the camp have a Christian background and, age really isn’t an issue, teenagers volunteer on the camp right up to the camp Granny and Grandpa, it’s not about your skill or experience, it’s about your will and love for the children.  Our main goal is to have fun with the children on camp and give them some happy memories to hold on to.


The statistics on the abuse rate, whether it is physical or sexual, in this country are shockingly high.  Not even babies can escape the radar of abusers.  With all the abuse taking place, something has to be done to help those children live normal lives free from fear, with the ability to experience real love.  We, the volunteers, are those people who care enough to try and pick up the pieces of their shattered past and help the children look toward building brighter future.


The camp is hosted by The House of the Lord Full Gospel Church, Airfield, Benoni and Maranatha Community Church, Kempton Park.

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Changing Children's Lives!