A variety of life and practical vocational skills are taught to the children and youth equipping them for everyday life and beyond.


Prevention programme


I.C.Y promotes prevention to reduce vulnerability; we believe that through awareness creation we can have the most impact. One of our programmes is the” Protective ‘behaviours” personal safety programme that equips children with the necessary life skills to speak out and ask for help when they are in an unsafe situation.


The ‘Shine Hope” programme educates girls about their value, allowing them to discover their potential and power so they are able to make healthy choices.


Skills development


many of our children and youth don’t have a formal education and some have not completed the primary phase. A practical skills development programme is run to develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills, teaching children / youth a variety of skills that will allow them to generate income. Focusing on skills like; knitting, crocheting, sewing, cooking, baking and a variety of craft related projects. Products made by the youth are sold at markets, profits going to the teens.


Community Service


awareness creation and a variety of workshops are held as part of empowering the community with knowledge and skills like; parenting skills, young mothers, career development, substance abuse and human trafficking.


Welfare Programme


The welfare programme is aimed at the children and families that are in need of clothes, food and others basic needs. Food is delivered on a weekly basis to various families and institutions.

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