The Royal Family Kids program for abused and neglected children, ages  9-12. Our goal is to Change Children’s Lives by “Creating new Happy Memories.”
Our camping program runs for five days, in which time we create a safe and secure environment for the children, which in turn fosters an atmosphere of growth and assists in building the child’s resilience.  It is a specialized camping programme, and different from other camps.  One adult looks after, cares for, loves and spends time with two children for the week of camp.  Giving them the individualised attention they need.  
Our children come from various areas, care centres, children’s homes, informal settlements, and foster care.  All with one thing in common, abuse or neglect.
On camp we have many different activities for the children to do, each designed to encourage self-worth and self-confidence. Activity centers, games, sports, pellet gun shooting, swimming, fishing and jetskis, are all part of the program. For most of these children, it’s the best week of the year – a special time when they can focus on having fun and enjoy being a child.
We also have a birthday party, (some children have never had a birthday party), and a themed dinner for the children. This week long camp really does change lives not just the children’s but also the many volunteers who take the time to invest in the future our children. 
All the staff that come on camp volunteer their time, they also undergo specific training and all require to have police clearance. The safety of every person not matter there age is of utmost importance.