RFKC is a non-profit company that focuses on abused and neglected children from the ages of 9-17 years. We run a camping and mentorship program and a skills development program for at risk teens who have no formal schooling. The organisation also provides food for families and communities in need.
Our 3 pillars are:
  • Camping program
  • Mentorship program
  • Skills development and Welfare
To reach and serve at risk children and youth in our community.
To influence and develop abused and neglected children and youth so they are able to become well balanced and productive members in their communities.
  1. To impact the lives of at risk children and youth.
  2. To assist the youth with skills development
  3. To identify and help with the needs of the children in our network and community
  4. To network with Social services and other NGO’s
  5. To train and equip volunteers.
1. Impact children & youth
A. Camping program
  • 2 to 1 ratio
  • Individual attention
  • Programme geared at self-development, self-worth, self-esteem, trust, team skills and respect
  • Safe environment
B. Mentorship program
  • 1 on 1 supervised programme
  • Build trust relationship with a significant adult
  • Fosters resiliency
  • Develops self-worth and trust.
2. Assist with Skills Development
  • Network with businesses and service providers in developing skills. I.e. carpentry, hair dressing, beauty, knitting, baking etc.
3. Identify and help with needs
  • Develop food gardens
  • Establish safe play areas
  • Feeding & needs programmes
4. Networking
  • Regular contact with Social Services & NGOs
  • Follow up sessions regarding the children and their needs
5. Equipping
  • 15 hours of specialised training for volunteers
  • Awareness programs on Abuse, Human trafficking and HIV etc
Core values
  • Integrity
  • Children & youth first
  • Serving
  • Financial students
  • Operate professionalism, quality and excellence
  • Biblical principles