This camp was so special to me and it has made a huge impact on my life.

The one little girl I looked after on camp was so special and I will never forget her. This camp makes such a difference in these children’s lives. This little girl said that when she grows up she wants to be a counsellor and that is just so amazing to me. Even the counsellors who had the hardest kids were sad and crying when their kids left, and those kids were also crying, (children you do not expect to cry). So seeing all the emotions throughout the week from the kids to the staff just shows you how amazing this camp is. God was with us the whole time.

All the kids were so special and just to see the excitement at the birthday party. My little girl’s birthday was the week before and didn’t get to celebrate it and for her to get cool presents and to feel special made a big difference in her life, I think.

This camp really puts things into perspective and I think I have a different outlook on life from this camp. The staff were also great and I made fantastic friends.

Thank you guys for changing these kid’s lives.


I've been to the Royal Family Kid's Camp for five years now and one question I often ask myself is, "Why do I keep going back?"  The answer is in fact quite easy - to make a difference!  The children who come on camp really have very little, and not just of physical things, but of a lot of the things that we as people need in our lives, things such as love, a sense of belonging, or simply just knowing that Jesus loves us.  It's the most amazing thing to see how over the period of only one week a child can start 'coming out of his/her shell' and have a new zeal for life.  The camp is very tiring, both physically and emotionally, but when those children get off the bus and come running to give you a hug everything becomes worthwhile ...

But not only does the Royal Family Kid's Camp have an impact on the children's lives, you only need to go once to know that you will be impacted in more ways than you can imagine.  From being stretched beyond your limits and realising that there are many things that you thought you could never do that you actually can do, to those little life-changing  moments when you see a totally broken child smile for the first time on the third day of camp.

"Why do I keep going back?"  It's something that you can only really understand once you've been a part of the Royal Family Kid's Camp.


I have been on three camps already. The first camp I went on I was activity staff and the second I was a counsellor. I would just really like to share about how God spoke to me on camp in particular on the second camp. 

I come from a pretty dysfunctional family and growing things weren’t exactly normal, due to that I developed quite a few issues that I had to overcome. I praise God that He has helped me and really actually started transforming me into a better, healed person. But through the years one question always arose in my mind “Why did my past experiences have to happen?”. It was not until my first camp as a counsellor, up until the point I met the two kids that were placed in my charge that God finally answered my question. You see my kids so reminded me of myself and I could actually relate to them and understand them because I knew part of what they were feeling and going through. I know that their circumstances were worse than what mine ever was, but I saw issues they were facing that I once upon a time dealt with and as a result I could actually meet with them on their level. I realized on that camp that if every negative thing I went through served strictly for the purpose of understanding and helping these children just a little, it was all worth it!

The camps are an amazing blessing for the children and it’s so wonderful to see God move in their lives, to see them experience happiness, joy and love. But I’ve also realized that God also moves in the lives of the staff and counsellors. I am truly blessed to have been on previous camps and I am utterly excited for the future camps, because I know that in some way these camps help change the children’s lives and give them hope for their future!


I've been to the Royal Family Kid's Camp four times now. Each time I've been helping on the camp I have been on the activity staff.  What we do is run all the activities and those type of things.

It has been great doing this because I get to know quite a few of the kids.  It is awesome to see the change in their lives from the beginning to the end of the camp.  To work with these kids and just see them succeed in small activities they do and to see their confidence grow is awesome to experience.

I'll never forget one of the kids on the camp ... he was very hard to control and keep an eye on, but he came and did an activity with me.  It was making soap sculptures.  He sat there and was really enjoying it and I got to spend time with him and just show him a bit of love.  He spent a lot of time making his sculpture, and when he was finished you could see that he had succeeded in doing something.  Seeing this boy changed really touched my life and it made me realize that I can do small things and it touches people's lives ...


"Witness about Royal Kids Camp"

"I had a discussion with the mom of one of the little girls who was on Royal Family Kid's camp." The mother was overwhelmed because of Royal Kids Camp.

She said: “It was like a miracle, because after the camp her daughter's schoolwork, attitude and self image improved. Regardless of all the difficulties at home she showed her interest in a hobby, Christianity and life itself to such an extend that she is an encouragement to me, her mom. Two months after the camp her school teacher called me and asked me what happened to my little girl, there’s a big change in her, she’s participating in class and her self confidence improved a lot. Another amazing thing is that she’s going to Sunday School every Sunday, she wants to learn more about Jesus.”

Delicia Bridger
Camp Director

Changing Children's Lives!