The I.C.Y  Teen program for at risk youth, ages 13-17 years, is a gender specific program.

The monthly meetings allow us to have contact with the teens on a regular basis, and address areas of concern. It allows us to know what is happening in the teens lives, enabling us to assist where we can. During these sessions we teach the teens various life skills. It is  a fun time of active learning, in a safe socially friendly environment where they are able to just relax and be themselves.

The program is a 2 day adventure program, where the youth are challenged and allowed to express their struggles, frustration and pain in a non-judgemental, loving environment, an atmosphere that fosters change and growth and character development. Our aims is to run this program quarterly.

It is a specialized programme, and different from other youth programs as we focus on small groups of not more than 4 teens per adult. Giving them the individualised attention they need.  We have discussion groups and various activities that focus on skills development. The challenge course is designed to teach the teens to think through a problem and execute a possible solution, it also encourages team work and trust building.

All the children come from various areas, care centres, children’s homes, informal settlements, and foster care.  All with one thing in common, abuse or neglect. 

All the staff are volunteers can come from all walks of life, including many professional, like psychologists, nurses, teachers and social workers. The volunteers receive training and must have a valid police clearance certificate.

The mentorship program for the children and teens was developed to assist in building resilience and trust in the children, building there self-worth and self-image. It is crucial for the children of trauma to have positive adult role models in their lives. An adult mentor spends a minimum of 4 hours a month with the mentee, building a positive relationship, thus developing trust and self-worth in the child.

Skills development: many of our children and youth don’t have a formal education and some have not completed the primary phase. We run a practical skills development program, teaching children and  youth a variety of skills that will allow them to generate an income.

Protective behaviours: We will also be launching the protective behaviours program in 2018, teaching our children how to protect themselves against abuse. We will be working alongside Protective behaviours SA.

The welfare program is aimed at the children and families that are in need of clothes, food and others basic needs. Food is delivered on a weekly basis to various families.

From one of the teen girls at an ICY teen camp.